Aura Cleansing, Grounding & Chakra Balancing

A clear hamonised aura will help you grow peace, happiness & health


It has been psychically and scientifically proved that each of us has an aura or electro-magnetic field that surrounds the body. This type of healing address the energetic state of the aura, chakras and your ability to ground.

The 7 layers of the aura perform many functions that contribute to our well-being and the aura's state of repair will influence how we experience life and the world around us.

The aura protects us from the harshness of every day life and the presence of negative energies.

It also holds the energy of love and light to help uplift us. This energy is vital to keep us harmonised and balanced.

Within the aura are found the 7 main chakras. Chakra is an old sanskrit word for 'wheel' - the chakras are like wheels which turn to energise your system. Each chakra has its own area of influence both in the physical and the ethereal and will affect different aspects of your life. It therefore makes perfect sense to clean and balance your chakras.

In addition, grounding properly to the planet that gives you your life, is also an energy-enhancing process. Regular grounding can clear the mind and builds a sense of security and safety. It is also a way to de-stress from the separation that comes from too much ego-based living.

Obviously the more full the aura is of dense negative energies - the more difficult it may be to connect and feel light or progress life forward to achieve optimum health and happiness.

It is therefore vital to keep the energies in the aura clear, cleansed and full of light. The cleaner our aura is the better you will feel in every aspect of yourself.

Regular Aura-Cleansing & Grounding will have many and varied beneficial results including:

Calmer Emotional Well Being
Purpose & Vision
Improved Sleep
Weight Stabilisation
Better Cosmic Ordering
Peace of Mind
Clearer Psychic & Universal Connections
Clearing of old stagnant & toxic energies

To name but a few...

A clear, healthy and grounded aura will assist you in keeping a solid connection between the spiritual and the earthly material life. It will uplift you.

In this healing, you will experience a deep cleansing and purification of your aura, chakras and your energy. You will then be grounded more thoroughly and in a way that works for you. Finally new energies will be seeded in the aura to upgraded it and allow the flow of transformation.

Timeline 50mins to 1 hour

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